Best Buy Get Apple Genius Bar: Offers Range Of Apple Products

Anyone who has ever had to visit the Genius bar will know just how good the guys there really are. Now, according to various sources, the Genius bar is heading to Best Buy. If it goes ahead then it will be good news as it means that there will be a greater range of Apple products being offered to customers of Best Buy.

The news has come in the form of a leak from an anonymous tipster who works for Best Buy store. The leak was exposed to where Steven Sande has written an article. He details that this is the 1st time that Appleā€™s Genius bar will be present in anything other than an Apple store, is actually pretty big news. Over at, Ronald O Carlson seems slightly doubtful that the rumor is true.

Providing the rumor is true, it means that Best Buy will be able to offer an expanded range of Apple products within its store, which will undoubtedly draw in the customers, especially if the Verizon iPhone and the Apple iPad 2 are really on their way.

If the rumors are true and this really happens, it means that Apple will also be able to extend their commitment to customer services and reach out to customers even further. Who will this actually benefit more, Apple or Best Buy? We are thinking Best Buy as it will bring in customers and perhaps give them a better perception of high quality staffing, even though they will be Apple staff.

What do you think? Who will this actually benefit the most; Best Buy, Apple or the customer? Let us know in the comments below.