Verizon iPhone Vs Droid Bionic 4G: Release Importance

We’ve been following the saga of an Apple iPhone for Verizon for almost as long as we can remember and recently gave you a full background article. Recent posts since we heard about the Verizon iPhone event planned for tomorrow, January 11, have included whether a Verizon iPhone would be a disaster for AT&T and also about the Verizon iPhone data plans.

Another phone which is set to see huge success was announced at CES 2011 last week and that is the Motorola Droid Bionic 4G which is also coming to Verizon and will run on the new 4G LTE network which we included in our list of 5 of the best Android smartphones to be announced. Meanwhile a CDMA Verizon iPhone 4 would not be LTE 4G enabled, so the launch of both of these phones are of huge importance.

Will people prefer to get a phone capable of running on the new 4G network or is the draw of the iPhone enough to overcome the challenge, at least until a Verizon iPhone 5 is announced? As for a straight comparison of the specs of the iPhone 4 and the Droid Bionic 4G, you can take a look at an article over on TheiLoop where there is a really useful article comparing the specs of the iPhone 4, the Droid Bionic, the Motorola Atrix 4G and also the Samsung Nexus S.

For now though we want to concentrate on the release importance of the Verizon iPhone and Droid Bionic 4G. Jessica Dolcourt over on Cnet makes a good point by saying that the Droid Bionic due for release in the second quarter of the year is a flagship device for the LTE 4G network and therefore we feel this really needs to be a hit for Verizon to promote the 4G network and its performance. However an iPhone for Verizon will surely be a hit for them in sales too.

The clever part of this is that AT&T has suffered network problems because of the sheer load of its iPhone users so by issuing 4G phones shortly Verizon will take pressure off its 3G network for the iPhone. However as the 4G phones are not coming until the second quarter Verizon has left itself plenty of time to sell lots of the iPhone first. Spencer E. Ante and Yukari Iwatani Kane on The Wall Street Journal note that the launch of the iPhone on Verizon is significant as Verizon has always prided itself on the quality of its network and has built its reputation on it. The Big Red is not so likely to suffer network issues similar to the way AT&T did and if the iPhone launches smoothly it will only make the way the AT&T handled its network problems look even worse.

One thing for sure is that it will certainly be interesting to see how this story develops. Will the iPhone 4 on Verizon be as popular as everybody thinks it will be, or will people be tempted to a 4G network-capable handset? We’d be interested to know if you have plans to purchase either of these phones and what has swayed your decision either way so please do send in your comments to let us know.

  • Los

    who in their right mind buy a ancient 3G phone regardless if it's an iphone on VZW…not me. 4G is crucial if you want to sign up for a two yr contact.

    • Curious

      I asked myself this question, then I came up with this explanation. If Verizon can get 5 or 6 million people to sign a two year contract for the CDMA iPhone, that's a heck of a revenue stream to help pay for maintaining an obsolete technology through the LTE transition. Every day I talk to Mac users with Verizon phones that say they'll rush out and buy an iPhone just because they can. They're like zombies and a smart guy like you should know zombies are never in their right mind.

    • RexRyan

      The 4G branding is just a marketing tool.

  • Los

    If Apple doesn't announce an 4G iphone with VZW this week, I think the only company that is going to get hit here is Apple. Apple could really increase their sales of iphones if they released a 4G handset, otherwise, all those android handset announced at 2011 CES are going to capture market, and since Apple is not accustom to pre-announcing anything, if and when they do come out with a iphone 5, all those 2 year contracts with have gone to Android. The smart move will be to announce a 4G iPhone, but I'm not holding my breathe and I'm counting on Apple/VZW to do the stupid move.

    • VZW 16 year customer

      The iphone with VZW will NOT be 4G. That is a GIVEN and a very smart move on Apple's and VZW's part. They both get people to buy the iphone in VZW's network for 2 years and then they will release the iphone 4G "iphone 5" this Summer in San Diego. Apple has done it again and will continue to do so. I just wish the iphone 5 was coming out tomorrow instead of later.

    • Nonyabuis

      Lets get this straight people once and for all 4G Iphone is the 4th generation of the Iphone not 4G technology in data. ATT is not 4G its a 3rd Generation HSPA+ which is faster than regular 3G GSM network. ATT will not actually have 4G LTE till end of 2012 and T-Mobile Should be sued for false advertising saying they are 4G when they are using 3rd Generation HSPA+ From ATT let alone ATT should pull their plug on them for dissing them on commercials… Talk about byting the hand that feeds you… Come on people do your research.


    Marguerite Reardon of CNET made a good point that when the first iPhone came out for AT&T, it was not 3G capable even though 3G was well established in 2007. And with 4G just in its infancy, what are the chances Apple bucks the trend and comes out with a 4G iPhone as its first for Verizon? Slim at best. Apple has a history of delaying the introduction of certain features simply because it gives them one more reason to convince you to buy the next version of their product. If Apple and Verizon come out with a 4G capable iPhone tomorrow, I'm on board. But it will most likely be just a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 and just hype the fact that the iPhone is on Verizon now. That will give them enough sales to consider it a success. And they will also be able to razz AT&T about how many customers they stole because the two iPhones will essentially be the same except for GSM vs CDMA. The true mystery is whether the ability to talk and surf simultaneously will be available.

  • Clint Heath Cartee

    I agree, there would be no need to buy an old I phone. Droid Bionic on the way for me when they release. I will never be on the I phone bandwagon

    • Cassandra

      Im with you. The bionic should be out by this summer and I will have an upgrade in september. I am not going to waist my time with the iphone when I can have that beautiful 4g droid.

      • Theresa

        Verizon is getting rid of their upgrade program as of this month. I don't know about other phones but I know they are allowing it to be used toward the purchase of a new iphone

  • waiting for 4G

    They want the everyday normal user. Some people are not familiar with what 4G is or that they even are on 3G. People are gonna want the iphone and they will switch, just because of what it is, not by the 4G service. people are not into all that techy mumbo jumbo. tell em they iphone is here and they will buy it.

  • TechFan

    Tell me y ATT always gets ahead with phones, yeah Iphone for VZ.. whatever!!! thats really old news now that ATT is turning their back on it. Same with the way back RZR, VZ come in and picks up the scraps when ATT is done. All the 4G hype and yet no phone, and now ATT has outdone their announcement with a even more stand out phone "the Atrix" which is sure to be a bionic killer (have you seen the claims made on that thing… replace your entire office and living room with a phone… So is VZ gonna wait to pick that up when ATT gets something better. lets face it all the driods together have not really hurt much less killed the IPhone… i have been with VZ since 05… still waiting to be wowed… to show off the great network with a worthy device… i'm Just venting… Cannot understand Y VZ cannot get ahead of the curve and ATT always does with devices. i mean VZ has been in bed with Moto for some time now, yet their flagship device goes to ATT!??!! while i get a less capable (probably ATT reject) ill probable get the HTC any way… i give up

    • Casper

      I love verizon phones. HTC is the way to go. I LOVE HTC phones. I currently have the incredible. At the same time I have iPods, the iPad, and want an iMac. As much as I love my HTC I am tom on weather to buy the iPhone or not. I just might wait till an iPhone 5 comes out. But with valentines right around the corner I just might buy myself one anyways.

    • rg

      Not sure what you have read, but the Bionic and the Atrix are essentially the same device! They are sister phones on different networks. And the fact that VZW has the Droid branding ensure that they will sell at least doubt what ATT sells of the same phone.

  • jma

    4g is like being home… hotspot capabilities,, tethering..voip.. i m hoping to go data only..use my phone to drive my tablet,ipad,laptop….cmon man !!!! phones r cute but u can hardly see em… also need the bigger devices for business and entertainment … only decision is ..hotspot or phone …4G..definitely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course gotta b BIG RED…. THE OTHERS R A JOKE …LATE TO THE SHOW…. LIKE THE LEAD BAND .. NOW THE SHOW IS STARTIN…FINALLY

  • StarB

    Only those very knowledgable tech junkies are going to care if the iPhone is NOT LTE (Which it won't be. If it was, Apple would be announcing it). I would put my money on iPhone 5 also being only 3G, with iPhone 6, released in mid 2012 (or, ironically, about 20 months from now) to be LTE. I for one will be preordering my Verizon iPhone 4 (3G only) the moment I can.

  • non smartphone owner

    If they do announce a 4g new iphone there will be a lot of unhappy people with the iphone4 on at&t.
    And the only thing the unhappy people to become happy would be to drop at&t and sign up with Verizon and buy a new Iphone. I can see Steve Jobs doing this. His loyal followers will defiantly buy into it.

  • hahahahaaaa

    leaning towards the Bionic, it feels like a waste buying something 3g for a 4g network. I like the feeling of knowing I have a satellite in my pocket and I would not have to pay for home internet anymore.

  • Coco

    I will love to buy an Iphone but with Droid ups being free. At this moment in time Droid rules in my book

  • Grumps

    3g 4g who cares. 3g works well enough and the iphone 4 is rad. Everyone's always trying to get the latest out, but if you keep waiting for something better to happen (which always happens and will continue to happen) you'll end up driving yourself crazy over a damn phone!

  • megalosdog

    Amen grumps, where is 4g available anyway?

  • Jason

    Well considering that 4G from Verizon won't be available where I live until 2012 or 2013 anyway, I might as well get the iPhone 4…

  • Greekboy

    Check out YouTube by greekthuglife69 see how Verizon treats their workers u already know how they treat u

  • Bret

    All of this talk about 4G phones. Has anyone bothered to check the price increase to your data plan? I have heard the 4G is going to cost 50 dollars a month compared to 30 for 3G. And that 4G comes out it will be limited to big cities and 25 miles off of major hwys. So you could being paying for 4G and not getting it. Then you have people like me that have 3 droids on the plan. That is 90 dollars right out of the gate. To jump to 150 is just ridiculous after all its a phone and I have never complained about waiting on my Droid one on 3 G.

  • justanotherconsumer

    The marketing plan of releasing the iPhone only for 3G for Verizon makes sense, cause people are going to buy it, because thats what people do. But there are some of us… and I hope it will be a growing majority that would chose to forgo the instant gratification of an iPhone now versus the bionic or thunderbolt later to get the better technology, and to stick it to apple for placing their stake in producing a product that will force people to upgrade sooner instead of choosing to produce a product that was competitive with current technology. I for one will wait for the bionic, and if i cross my fingers maybe the American public will wait with me, and then maybe Apple will learn a lesson about the reputation they are building themselves.

  • Pinxter

    I'm going to wait for the Bionic – unless I can get someone at Verizon to tell me they will charge $50 a month over the cost of my plan. I was leaning towards the iphone for the "instant" gratification, but I don't like that they are trying to stiff us (i.e. 3g vs 4g)