Samsung Showcase Flexible Display at CES 2011

CES has been littered with tablet PCs, 3D televisions and plenty of mobile phones, but one of the more interesting concept devices includes that of Samsung. They have showcased a flexible display sized at 4.5”. This is something that many have wanted but never thought would materialize. You can view the devices we have reported on at CES 2011 by clicking here.

In many ways, having a flexible screen will help solve a few problems and will maybe develop a sturdy smartphone. If you think of the what happens when any of the newer cell phones are dropped onto any solid surface from any kind of height then you will know what we mean when we say ‘it ain’t pretty’. At the bottom of the article, we have included an amusing slow motion video of some of the effects of dropping your cell phone, it’s actually an ad for the iPhone bumper that stuck in our minds. As the video shows, normal outcome is a smashed screen. These new Samsung screens would stop that happening as they are made of plastic! If Samsung could make a rugged case for a screen like this then they could be onto a winner as the device would simply bounce!

Engadget’s Chris Ziegler has mentioned in his article that there are still some manufacturing ‘challenges’ to overcome but we are certain they will. Have a look at the second video at the bottom of the article for a brief view of the flexible screen along with a few of the other devices shown by Samsung. You can also read more about the tangible display from this source.

What do you think the best use of a flexible screen would be? Let us know in the comments below.