Nokia Use Facebook For Advertising & Hiring Staff?

As we all know, the world is moving more and more towards the use of social networking and social media. So far we know how much businesses use LinkedIn for checking people out before hiring them, but now we have caught wind that Nokia are using Facebook to communicate with its potential employees. We also know how that Facebook can be really good for small businesses, we have also reported on how to maximize the efficiency of ads.

Nokia are a big phone company who use social media normally for advertising, so it came as a bit of a shock to learn that they were using it in this way. At first we weren’t sure so we thought we would check it out.

Sure enough, there is a page that has been developed for Nokia and you can join it too. The page’s name is Future Talent at Nokia and as mentioned, they provide tips for users who are perhaps contemplating pursuing a career with Nokia. Something else they mentioned was said by Nokia’s HR director Matthew Hanwell, he says ‘We want to converse with them’. Meaning they want to talk to their future employees.

It’s quite a clever move in our opinion as it can help potential employees start to build a relationship with the company and it means that Nokia are keeping with the times. social media and social networking are two of the fastest growing trends in the world, fair play to Nokia for taking advantage of them and keeping with their slogan of ‘Nokia Connecting People’.

If you would like to start communicating with Nokia then head over to their Facebook page, once you are on it, hit the ‘Like’ button and you will receive all their helpful tips. Maybe you can start working for them and you will have Facebook to thank for it.

Do you think this is the way forward? How many other businesses do you think will pursue this direction? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Zac Taylor

    great post. Nokia embraces social media as part of its multipronged strategy. I manage recruitment for Southern California,please reach out to me if you see any posts you are interested in apply for or if you are moving to the area and want to start a professional relationship.