Facebook’s Attack A Teacher Day Foiled- Six Schoolgirls Arrested

Facebook is a place where people come together in a positive way, but this next case takes it a bit too far. A group of schoolgirls from Carson City, Nevada, have been arrested because they planned a Facebook event called “attack a teacher day” and invited other pupils to join it.

Six girls from 2 different middle schools set up the event on the social networking site and sent out around 100 invitations to fellow pupils. The schoolgirls had gathered 18 attenders when the plan was noticed by officials and shut down immediately. Although the arrested girls have claimed that the event was a joke, it is being taken very seriously by police because of recent shootings. Metro reports Dan Sadler the principal of Carson Middle School as saying “School shootings really happen, that’s why we took it seriously”.

The Daily Mail has provided a picture of the middle school in which 5 of the arrested girls were educated and they have since been released to their parents and suspended from school for 3-5 days. It has also been reported that recently a teenage pupil in Omaha, Nebraska, shot an assistant principal dead and wounded his principal after being suspended from the institution, so it is understandable why the matter is being taken so seriously as the words “die” were used in front of a teachers name.

The event was planned to take place last Friday between 7am and 9am; however it never occurred thanks to the actions of authorities. Metro has said that the girls involved were all between 12 and 13 years of age and are A grade students; all of the pupils that said they were attending the event have been warned. Why do you think Facebook is starting to be neglected in ways like we have seen here? Leave us your thoughts on this story and tell us if you think the girls deserved a different level of punishment.

  • Linda

    How accurate is this story? The school pictured is NOT the middle school. This is a grade school about 1/2 mile away. Anyway…as a Carson City resident who has had 4 kids graduate from this middle school, I want the teachers and staff to know that we support you and appreciate all of the hard work you do!

  • John

    Quoting the Daily Mail is like quoting Fox News. I doubt there is much credibility to this, if there is it's probably over reaction.