Facebook users in Japan: Fails to take off

We don’t need to tell you about just how popular social networking site Facebook is, with recent reports of huge investment and just how much the site is now worth and the panic that broke out over the weekend when false rumors of Facebook shutting down were spread. Anybody and everybody seems to use it and it has become a part of everyday life across much of the world.

However it seems that the people of Japan are not quite so enamoured by Facebook as some, as reports are informing us that the amount of Facebook users in Japan number less than 2 million. From a worldwide user figure of 583 million that’s a tiny amount of users, especially in a country so tech-savvy. Hiroko Tabuchi on The New York Times writes about this and tells us that the amount of users of Facebook in Japan equates to less than 2% of the country’s online users whereas analytics site Socialbakers says 60% of internet users in the U.S. are on Facebook.

It’s not a sign that the Japanese are not interested in social networking in general as there are social networking sites there such as Mixi and Gree that have more than 20 million users. The main difference for the lack of interest in Facebook in Japan appears to an entrenched sense of privacy. People using the Internet in Japan are much more likely to use a pseudonym and the popular social networking sites there allow high levels of privacy which enable users to mask their identities. Another reason for the lack of interest is that some people find the Japanese language version of Facebook more difficult to use.

Facebook certainly desires more presence in Japan and Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, has expressed hopes to address this but it will be an uphill battle as Japanese social networking sites have at least 10 times more users than Facebook as yet. An article on the International Business Times tells us more about the Facebook figures for Japan and compares them to the Facebook penetration figures of other countries and you may well find some of the figures surprising. We’d be interested to hear from readers about why you think Facebook has not taken off in Japan so please feel free to send us your comments.

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