Audiovox: Bringing You The First In Car Blu-ray Player

Over the weekend we saw plenty of new and innovative looking gadgets at the CES 2011, but this new product by Audiovox takes portable entertainment to another level. The company has become the first to make a Blu-ray player that plays movies in your car.

With long journeys increasingly becoming something of a burden, in car entertainment is on the rise with the introduction of small TVs and mobile phone apps to keep you entertained. Why not enjoy HD movies whilst soaring down the motor way? Courtesy to Engadget for the images provided, the AVDBR1 is due out in the spring for around $350.

Tech 2 has given us the low down on how the player runs and conveniently it gives you more than one option. The Blu-ray player can either be connected to any monitor via an HDMI cable or alternatively you can use Wi-Fi to try and connect the two devices. The player can be stowed away underneath the seats or in a compartment in the vehicle. Some have argued that the player is a waste of time due to the unlikeness that a HD monitor will not be used in the car.

Without a high definition TV, Blu-ray is pretty much useless and the maximum 1080p viewing experience can not be enjoyed. The picture will not sparkle and it will look more like a standard DVD rather than a Blu-ray disk. However there will be the super rich who do probably have HD screens in their motor and so will be able to enjoy Audiovox’s new device, but we are not at a stage yet when a majority of us have that luxury. I am sure that this new theme will become a big part of the future, so tell us what you think by leaving a comment.