Apple CES No Show: Accessories Get People Talking

With the Consumer Electronics Show debuting devices from tablets, smartphones, cameras, GPS, Blu-Ray players, TV’s and so on, and pulling in crowds of up to 140,000, the one surprise to come out of this year’s event is that of Apple‘s non attendance. Although for many it may have been a disappointing 4 days without seeing the two most anticipated devices, the Verizon iPhone and the next generation iPad, Apple vendors selling accessories seemed to do a roaring trade!

Many developer stands such as Samsung, Dell, Mitsubishi and so on attracted their very own numbers, iLounge located on the Conventer Center floor was reported by Yahoo!News as being crammed with plenty of Apple accessories. Innovations such as headsets, speakers and covers were just a few of the items showcased for devices such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

For one attendee “Scott Sternick” showing off his own innovation, the “iTatch”, a simple design basically constructed from a strap with a suction cup on the end for carrying an iPhone or iPad safety around your neck, was certainly attracting its very own audience. It’s a simple concept costing between $10 and $15 depending on the length of the strap. Another design reported on was that of the iPad and an “Etch A Sketch” cover costing $39, something that we spoke about a few months ago.

To find out more on this head on over to Yahoo!News. Tell us are there any new concepts you would like to see this year?

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    Apple not at CES and you're surprised? Being ironic? Just don't understand? Please tell!