LG LSM-100: Scanner Mouse – Could You Use It?

It seems that 2011 is the year for multiple functioning goods and technology, earlier today, we reported on the watch strap for your iPod Nano that also doubles up as a bottle opener. Now we are reporting to you something very unique.

The LG LSM-100 is a Mouse and a Scanner combined, we are wondering, could you use it? At the CES 2011 event, Engadget’s Sam Sheffer dropped in on the LG booth and found the gadget. To activate the scanning software, all you have to do is hit the scan button. Once the scanner has been activated you swipe over what you wish to scan and it will appear on your screen. We don’t know the full specs but we can give you some. Head to the bottom of the article for a demonstration video.

The mouse will be available for $120 and ships in May, it has over 300dpi and it can actually scan any size up to A3, it’s easy to use, it features auto zoom in and out and is easy to carry around with you as it’s the size of a normal mouse.

On the bottom of the mouse, there’s a camera and 2 lasers to track the image and project it onto your screen. We at OSM can see some really good uses for this technology, but we want to know what you think?

How would you use the LG LSM-100 scanner mouse? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.