CES 2011: Touch Mouse Revealed By Microsoft – Do You Want One?

Are you sick of using your normal, conventional Mouse? Then perhaps you haven’t seen the new touch range that Microsoft are revealing. Recently, we reported on the Microsoft ARC touch mouse and how it would be great for you, especially if you are a left hander.

Now we are bringing you something different. The Touch Mouse has been revealed by Microsoft and we are wondering if you want one? Let’s have a look at what it can do. The gesture control seems to be pretty impressive, the first gesture is the thumb swipe, when that action is performed, on your screen you are effectively going back and forward. This works on both browser and photos to scroll through them.

If you are using only one finger you use its basic scrolling and it is in any direction, left, right, up and down. Moving onto the 2 fingered approach, if you swipe down with your fingers whilst you have an application open, it will minimize your window. You can also use 2 fingers going up to open the window in a maximized style.

Then you have, perhaps the most interesting of all the gesture controls, the 3 fingers functionality. This will make you open up a tiled instant viewer that will allow you to see everything you have open. All of these gestures will effectively help users in navigating around their PCs. If you haven’t quite taken all that in and you wish to see it’s new look, then head over to Engadget and have a look at their gallery and video. Alternatively, view the video at the bottom of our article for a full demo of the touch mouse, it actually shows you in a smaller screen the hand working with the mouse and what on-screen action is happening.

The mouse is easy to switch to a left handed style, which will please the ‘lefties’ of the world. You can read much more about it over on their Microsoft page. Microsoft offer an interesting video tour of the mouse. According to Microsoft’s site, it says the device will be available in May 2011, if you would like to pre-order yours, you can over at Amazon.com for $79.95.

What do you think of the gesture control demonstrated? Is the device as aesthetically pleasing as your would like? Let is know in the comments beneath,

  • Gareth

    OMG just like the Apple mouse! Now I can catch up with all the multi touch stuff I have at home in work.

    • Tim Ollason

      You sound as impressed as we are with the device Gareth :-)