Apple iPod Nano: Stylish Leather Watch Strap Available

Back in September, Apple announced a new line of iPods including the iPod Nano where we reported on the specs and prices. We had also heard of various concepts of a watch strap for your new Nano, one of them even received a substantial amount of funding of around $200,000 from Kickstarter.

Now we are hearing news of a new stylish leather watch strap for the Apple iPod Nano. This time it has come from The strap is just like a normal watch strap however it has a stainless steel clip to attach your iPod Nano. The same clip even doubles up as a bottle opener!

When the steel clip was being made, they realized that they had a portion of it that they could do ‘something’ with; they were trying to think of a use, we at OSM think they got it right for a beer and alcopop drinker. You can get the strap and clip in either classic silver or ninja black.

Slashgear’s Sam Koutroulakis has had the chance to look at the strap for the iPod Nano up close, so head on over and read his full article. You can also read up on the device from the ThinkGeek official page. The innovative design is available for $49.99.

Would you find this useful? Let us know if you already have one in the comments below.

  • Kevin

    Try $800k plus, for start up on that “other” watch band through kickstarrter. Band is the tic-Tok and Luna Tik. Very high quality. Beyond what I’ve seen oh there lately! Just a comment *