Amazon Kindle Vs iriver Story HD: eReader Pictures Compared

We have recently heard that the iriver HD is floating around at CES 2011. The new ereader is said to be the Kindle killer but we are wondering, are Kindle too far ahead? Only recently we reported on how the Amazon Kindle was the top selling product on So, when it comes to the Amazon Kindle and iriver Story, how will the pair fare against each other in a picture quality comparison.

This iriver Story HD is definitely very good when it comes to its general look, but it is even better when you take a look under the hood. It has a Freescale Cortex A8 chipset present which is pretty impressive. It only has 2GB of internal storage but it does have an SDHC card reading slot for expansion. The size of the screen is 6” and the XGA screen resolution is 1024 x 768. Let’s have a quick look at the display.

As you can see, whilst the devices look virtually identical in size and shape, there is a slight difference in the actual displayed picture. The representative that brought the piece of hardware also said that this device will be the fastest refreshing e-reader on in the market when it’s release in May. When Engadget’s Vlad Savov asked the questions about pricing and availability, all the representative could say was, May 2011 and the pricing will be ‘very competitive with the market leading brands’. To read Engadget’s full article, head over to their site. So which device is better? Have a look at the pictures below, although, please excuse the editing; it’s just to give you a closer comparison!

If you would like to learn more about iriver, then head over the official website to read about them and their products. You can also read a different opinion from

What do you think of the two devices side by side? Can you see the difference in picture quality? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Andreas

    The iRiver Story HD will be my first E-reader when it is released, whatever the price. I would have bought the Kindle 3G months ago, but the fact that Amazon tries to hold your books hostage, as they do not support epub, has put me off.
    I also want to be able to buy and read dutch and german ebooks too and they are almost exclusively published as epub. And the same is true for library books. Amazon is going to loose this battle in the long run with these ridiculous antics.

    It is a pity, because the Kindle is a wonderful product I really would have liked to own. But for non-american booklovers it is not smart to buy the Kindle.

  • JxRd

    ever thought of just simply converting EPUB to MOBI that is supported by Kindle 3G? Take a closer look at the software CALIBRE, will change your mind on Kindle

    nevertheless, big advantage of the Story HD will be its increased resolution of 768×1024, whereas the Kindle is at 600×800, what leads to a 28% increase of DPI