YouTube Shows Evidence The HTC DROID Incredible Takes a Bullet

YouTube is extremely popular site for viral videos, recently we have brought you the homeless man with a golden voice who has now been flooded with job offers since his hit video. Now we are bringing you an amazing story about a mobile phone saving it’s owner’s life.

Who said the HTC Droid Incredible was useless? The videos at the bottom of our article may make you change your mind. If you have ever wanted a reason to get an HTC Droid Incredible, here’s a great one. A valet worker at the Club Halo in Atlanta named John Garber had his life saved by his mobile phone when he was caught in gunfire as he got struck in the chest by a bullet.

The shooting came about when two people had been kicked out of the club, they reacted by going to their cars and getting guns. The pair ended up shooting bullets in the direction of the club. The victim, John Garber got hit in the chest by a bullet that went straight through his coat and hit his phone. The insanely tough phone lived up to its name and actually was ‘Incredible‘, it stopped the bullet and saved its owner from injury.

Garber also speaks of his experience and says how his battery is a reminder of how close he came to death and lets be honest, an inch in any direction he could have been a goner. A brilliant story and a lucky guy, you can read more about this over at where Andrew Munchbach has written his article. also have an article featured on their website.

How lucky way John Garber? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • jimmy

    Actually it was an EVO, he is on sprint