Verizon Wireless event next week: Must surely be the iPhone?

News of a Verizon iPhone 4 or 5 becoming imminent continues to flood in and we know how many of you are avidly following the speculation surrounding the Apple device. We’ve published many articles and had a lot of feedback on this subject and our latest articles included one about more teasers hinting at a February release and another today about a rumored release date of February 3.

Well. wait for it, we now have news that we think could well be significant. Today invitations from Verizon Wireless have been sent out to a special event to be held next Tuesday, January 11 according to Jennifer Valentino-DeVries of The Wall Street Journal. As you can imagine this has sent the tech world into rather a frenzy with of course most imagining that at last we will see an announcement about the enigmatic Verizon iPhone.

The reason we feel this will be for something extra-special is that only yesterday Verizon gave its address at CES 2011 and no mention of any event coming up arose. As the WSJ says, Apple rather likes to do things its own way and this would be much more its style and we would not be surprised if Apple is allowing Verizon to take the spotlight. Although the invitation does not mention what the event is about, understandably most people are thinking the same thing. The event is by invitation only and will be held at Jazz at Lincoln Center, Broadway in New York beginning at 11:00 am ET.

Jacqui Cheng over on Ars Technica also reports on this news and points out that all the recent clues such as a video which alleged to be of the CDMA phone, being removed from YouTube, “are all feeding a speculative frenzy that this event, at long last, is The One.” All we can say is roll on next Tuesday and does anybody know if Steve Jobs happens to have a flight booked to New York?

What are your thoughts on this latest information? Are you one of those who’ve been waiting patiently and do you feel the Verizon iPhone is on its way at last? Please let us know by sending us your comments about this.

  • linscjm

    oh my I hope it's true!

  • ngraham

    I hope it's true too. I just hate to see them release the iPhone 4 in February and then iPhone 5 in July after all of us have renewed out Verizon contracts for another 2 years. :(