Skype Mobile Video Call: Verizon Limitations for Qik?

Earlier today we reported on Skype’s purchase of Qik who are a company that specializes in mobile video hosting. Within the report we touched on a few different aspects of what Skype are planning to do with Qik and also on how Qik already has a solid partnership with Sprint.

We now want to look at the effects it will have on a Skype mobile video call, on Verizon and maybe other networks too. Over on zdnet, Matthew Miller has written an article about the contributing factors towards Verizon and the limitations that may be imposed to the carriers customers. Miller mentions his initial feeling of pleasure when he heard that Skype were taking on Qik as it would possibly mean that Android users would receive the use of Skype’s video calling like the other iOS devices.

Soon after, Miller realized the same things that we have. Verizon seems to have locked down the mobile version of Skype and that their users will be sad to see the functionality lost if Qik is removed.

It’s widely recognized that the Qik software could do with some tweaking here and there to improve the overall quality of video calls over a 3G connection, especially seeing as Sprint are heavily promoting their partnership. Sprint has even put Qik on the box of the HTC EVO! Read the full article published by Matthew Miller on

Qik is a great little bit of software, it allows you to record any videos that you are watching so that you can view them at a later date. This is brilliant if you are viewing a 1 off conference that is being streamed. We are wondering how Skype are going to make use of the functionality and are eagerly awaiting more information around the limitations that have seemingly been imposed by Verizon on the Skype app. Watch the video at the bottom of the article, it briefly touches on the predictions of the future of Verizon and the thought of 4G video calling over the LTE network. You can learn more about Qik from their official website.

If you have any thing to add on the limitations imposed by Verizon on the Skype app, feel free to add them into the comments below.