Mac App Store: Hackers strike already

We’ve been bringing you news about the Mac App Store that finally went live yesterday and earlier today gave you an article about 10 of the best apps so far available. Yesterday we also learned about some teething problems and today news comes that the Mac App Store has already been hacked.

Within a day of its grand opening, pirates have struck the Mac App Store according to Emma Woollacott over on TG Daily, sourced from Apple Insider. Apparently they’ve discovered that it’s possible to copy the receipt file from a free app and use this to install unauthorized apps. Also it has become known that a hacker named Dissident declared last month that they had devised Kickback, a software tool that would enable users to pirate apps in the store, although they also said it would only be released once the Mac App Store was established.

Paul Lamkin over on Pocket-Lint, sourced from, also looks into the hacking and although of course doesn’t recommend hacking, has posted a video of how to do it. If you want to risk it that is of course your prerogative so head to the link above to view the video.

Are you surprised that the Apple Mac Store has already proved vulnerable? Would you take advantage of hacking the store? Let us know your views on this please by sending us your comments.