Joanna Yeates Murder: Was it a Facebook friend who killed her?

The tragic murder of Joanna Yeates just before Christmas shocked many people who continue to follow the investigation to help hunt down her killer. We previously told you how the police were using social media such as Facebook and YouTube in the murder enquiry and now it seems there has been another development involving Facebook.

It has become known that police are tracing around 200 Facebook friends of Joanna with the suspicion that an acquaintance of hers on Facebook may have become infatuated with her. It seems that the police feel that it’s most likely that Joanna knew the person who killed her and let them into her flat, according to a report on the Mail Online. Joanna had let it be known that she would be alone that weekend as her boyfriend was away and there are no indications that her flat was broken into.

It has also been noted that her Facebook security settings were at a low level meaning people other than her listed ‘friends’ could get access to her site. Both Joanna and her boyfriend Greg Reardon both avidly used Facebook and ‘friends’ representing all aspects of Joanna’s life had communication with her on Facebook. The site has now been taken down. When police were questioned about a possible Facebook link a spokesperson for the Avon and Somerset Police said, “This is a complex murder investigation and detectives are looking into many lines of inquiry. It would be inappropriate during a live investigation to go into detail about specific pieces of information we may or may not have been given.”

Meanwhile Mark Hughes of The Independent reports that Chris Jefferies, Joanna’s landlord who was previously arrested and questioned about her murder, has maintained that he anticipates he will be eliminated soon from police inquiries. You can read more about this at the above link. What are your thoughts on a possible Facebook link to the murder? Send us your comments to let us know.

UPDATE: We inadvertently wrote that Joanna Yeates’ Facebook site had been closed down, rather than of course, her Facebook page. Apologies for this.

  • K.C.

    >The site has now been taken down.
    Page, not site. Facebook is still accessible, Joanna's page is not.

  • Pedant

    This is quite poorly written. In need of a good editor I feel….

  • debbielt

    I'm sorry I did indeed make a slip up saying that the site rather than the page had been taken down. Thank you for pointing this out.