Haier HD TV LED: WiFi Enabled With Yahoo Apps

We have been hearing reports of a Haier LED HDTV with WiFi has been launched, this is pretty cool. The TV is aimed at users who wish to stream content from the Internet to their television set in their sitting rooms. The TV’s have WiFi connection to stop you having trailing cables and the fact that you will not have another box sitting next to your TV is a bonus..

Of course the guys at Haier will be facing stiff competition from the likes of Apple TV, Roku, Boxee and Logitech, these boxed efforts are doing pretty well in the market today. The trick up the sleeve of Haier is they are bringing Blockbuster on Demand, Film Fresh, Hulu Plus and Netflix are all coming to their device. At the moment, price and specs are hard to come by for the TV but as soon as they are in we will report them to you.

You can read through Michael Gorman’s article that has been posted on Engadget. With the Haier TV’s you will have a whole host of apps available to you, some of them include Facebook, Twitter, eBay and the majority of the Yahoo ones too as mentioned by Aneej Jayan of devicemag.com.

A lot of you may be wondering who Haier actually are and where they are from, they are actually the world’s 4th largest whitegoods manufacturer and according to their corporate profile page from their official website. They are also one of the top 100 IT companies in China.

If you are wondering what other products are being showcased at the CES 2011 event by Haier, why not visit their Virtual Press Office? In here it will give you all the information that you need for each of their products.

What do you think of the Haier WiFi enabled TV? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.