Eastenders Baby Swap Cut Short: Twitter Complaints Keep Coming

Here at OSM we reported just over a week ago about British soap opera “EastEnders” and a recent storyline that has proved itself to be more than controversial. In fact as well as comments on here and other sites, the BBC have received over 6,000 complaints about the storyline being taken too far.

For those of you who may not watch the four night a week programme, two couples the Branning’s and Moon’s both gave birth to baby sons’ at Christmas time. Subsequently after getting home from hospital, Ronnie Branning played by Samantha Womack had found her baby son James passed away in his cot. In a state of complete shock and panic, she made her way to the Queen Vic Public House where she swapped the babies, to leave with the Moon’s son “Tommy.”

Due to a mountain of complaints as Metro reported, including that of campaigners at Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Sids), the storyline will now end early in the Spring, which is sooner than anticipated. Campaigner for Sids and TV personality “Anne Diamond,” who lost her own baby in 1991, said the storyline was a “crass twist to an otherwise credible storyline. It has not done one iota of good in educating a young audience about cot death.”

Twitter comments have been plenty but very mixed. They include, “That the storyline is ending in Spring, pathetic.” Others have said, “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.”

It seems that everybody has an opinion. Tell us if you haven’t already, your thoughts on the storyline, and the news of it finishing early?

  • laura

    I think that showing cot death is a good to make awareness but to swap babies is disgusting and shockin they have gone to far ! Why would any mother want there new born baby played in such a sick storyline 2 ?

  • Amanda

    I agree with you why would someone let their baby be a part of such a sick story most say it’s just a soap? Just a storyline? However in the area I live in a woman had a baby and sadly the baby has died of cot death and on new years eve I cannot even contemplate how this poor girl feels, I think leaving it to spring to end the storyline is disgusting who ever write this script should have their contract reviewed preferably terminated.

  • Anne

    The storyline is just so twisted and sick and then that pseudo concerned announcement at the end with a helpline number just enrages me! "If you have been affected by any of the issues we have certainly made you feel a lot worse so phone this number if you're not already swinging from the rafters"
    Jesse Wallace is acting the part brilliantly, however, and Samantha's talents have been wasted by Eastenders script and story wrioters.

  • Ju

    Eastenders have done nothing wrong there not saying that every breeved parent would swop there baby that is silly to say the least, Robbia character is much more then a breeved parent she was abused by her dad lost her daughter infront of her very own eyes and had a miscarriage so her character had been through more then enough to drive any one to unreasonable behaviour most bereaved parents wouldn’t dream of doing this or come in to a situation to be able to do that is a soap!!! There’s more to robbia then a breeved parent, eastenders have defiantly raised cot death awareness and Samantha Womack deserves a medal for what she has to put up with she’s just doing her job what a great job she’s done

  • Anna

    I find the story line of the baby swap quite disturbing. It plays on my mind for ages after the programme ends and I JUST SO BADLY WANT TO SEE RONNIE GIVE THE BABY BACK TO KAT..its heartbreaking to watch and I find myself talking to the tv telling Ronnie to take the baby back. I have been a fan of Eastenders since the beginning , but this is the first story line I want to see the end of. I feel very strongly about it ..In fact I think it should be axed !

    • Paula

      My thoughts exactly, please please please take the storyline off air NOW

  • Dolly

    Yeah, axed. It's not clever compulsive viewing ,It's uncomfortable. An uninspired writing team grasping for a future 'bang' of an episode by taking us on crap twists and turns while we spit at the telly only half watching because facebook has suddenly become a better storyline but alas, we are already insulted and bored and that big finale to ease Kat's torture will be a huge anticlimax to what could have scraped by with dignity if the story had of concluded already.
    Eastenders….background noise.

  • John

    They made a big mistake when the Little Mo story dragged on too long.
    This latest one was probably going to run and run.It is such a bad idea that i thought the cast may have refused, after all it is they who have to face the public. We will have nothing more to do with the show in our house, I dont even want to hear the opening bars of the theme tune. Goodbye Eastenders, R.I.P. John

  • marshall

    the story in eastenders is sick to let them say good bye to there son , then months later find it was living in the street all the time bad taste , well i to say goodbye to the show .

    • Lauren

      Couldn’t agree more!

  • labonna

    i think east enders is great but i think ronnie should straight away tell kat that she stole her baby….

  • Lauren

    I think people should boycott eastenders it’s a sick storyline. The fact that we have to wait till spring for it to be fixed. No one should vote for them at the national tv awards this month

  • cjkelly

    I hate this storyline, as it is just too sad to keep watching for months. Someone already pointed out that it is "uncomfortable," which it is. I've got bags of compassion for anyone who has lost a baby like this so it isn't me that I'm worried about! There must be thousands of families who are affected this way in the UK alone, and who I doubt are watching this show right now. I think that this is one story that is just too real to drag on and on. It IS worth talking about and having on a soap, but the story is very insensitive the way it is presented, it just is.

  • afdvnuxcl


    from plashet schoo
    p.s keep up the good work 😉

  • Kelly

    I can't watch eastenders at the moment with the baby swapping storyline, hate it xx

  • Mary

    I haven't watched Eastenders since I heard about the storyline. I couldn't have watched the episode of when the baby was taken, or watch any of the heartbreak that must follow. I read that the baby was going to be taken to the funeral so switched the programme on that evening, but as soon as Kat handed the baby back to Ronnie and I realised that this storyline wasn't going to end I switched to a different channel. Its appalling. Its not the subject matter for a Soap. If it was in a film its over and done with the same day, but to drag it out over months is too heartbreaking to watch.

  • JANE

    Eastenders please end this sick story now

  • sarah

    i think the storyline is going on too long and the story line of ronnie snatching kat baby is horrible and that ronnie giving her the baby and then taking her baby off her again its sick i love watching eastenders but i just want the storyline to end