Android PixelQi Tablet: 7-Inch Display Showcased at CES 2011

CES 2011 seems to be the home of the tablet PC, we have seen various models being showcased and now we are seeing ones featuring the PixelQi display. The 7” display looks very nice!

If you are unaware of what PixelQi really is; it’s basically a high resolution display that has the ability to have the back-light off. This means that you can view the display properly in natural light which in turn will save on energy and prolonging battery life.

According to Engadget’s Joanna Stern, the story coming out of the CES booth being occupied by PixelQi, is that their founder Mary Lou Jepsen has said that the production is ramping quite well for 7 and 10-inch tablets. The founder also said that the company is currently working towards a higher resolution screen for the 10.1 and 9.7-inch displays upping it to 1280 x 800. Head over to Engadget to read the full article.

As things stand, as far as we are aware, the Adam Ink is currently the only tablet PC shipping with the PixelQi screen. Head over to GoRumors where they are comparing the battery life of the Notion Ink machines with the LCD and PixelQi displays.

You can read more about PixelQi on their official website; they also have an interesting blog so make sure you take a peek. At the bottom of our article, we have included a video showing the display from CES 2011, but there are lots of them on YouTube, so have a look at these too.

Are there any devices that your would like to see utilizing the PixelQi screen? Let us know what you think in the comments beneath.

  • Pierre

    I am very much looking forward to see a tablet with a PixelQi display. I realized all the possibilities a pixelQi display could offer, and it is just amazing! A lot of what I print everyday could just be read on the tablet which you can carry with you everywhere for long days.
    I waited for the Adam tablet to be released, but their production seams very slow, and the feedbacks are not very good. So I am still waiting… desperately…
    If you think it through, these devices are going to be so convenient that you won't need anymore books and papers. You will read everything on it, taking notes on it, communicating on it. Centralizing everything in a rather cheap device would be very convenient.
    No, I am not working for PixelQi 😉