Verizon iPhone 4 /5 Release Date: More teasers indicate February

Here at OSM we continue to bring you news and speculation about the Verizon iPhone. It has to be said there is more speculation and rumor available than firm news at the moment but we’re hoping for changes on that score very soon. The real question is when will it actually be released and in a previous article we told how the most likely date would be sometime in February.

We’ve also been taking a look at more recent clues about the release such as changes in Verizon’s warranty procedure and also accessory listings and then yesterday posted about how some photos had turned up of the mythical Verizon iPhone. These posts often get a lot of comments from our readers who often tip us off with things they’ve heard.

Although speculative you may be interested in a comment on one of our recent posts where a reader informed us that while in a Verizon store his wife was told that all Verizon employees have been informed that they are not allowed to have any vacations or time off this February. Make of that what you will but are you thinking what I’m thinking? Rick Broida over on Cnet has also published an article asking readers when they think Apple will announce a Verizon iPhone.

The results so far see the majority, 35.5% thinking it will be on Tuesday January 11 (more on that later), while 9.9% think it will be announced at CES, 15.9% say during MacWorld at the end of January and 12% say June which is often the month that Apple announces such things. A large amount though, 26.6% say they won’t believe a Verizon iPhone exists until they hold it in their hands. You can still take part in the poll by clicking on the cnet link above.

Earlier in the Cnet article, Broida tells us that he has received a tip-off that there may be a product launch for the Verizon iPhone on Tuesday January 11 which will be announced during CES 2011 and also notes the tipster says it will be a CDMA phone and be released in February. Interestingly the point about Verizon staff not having time off in February is also made here. We’re interested in what you think about this? Do you agree that February is looking likely for a release date? Why not send us your comments and if you have any further tip-offs then share them with us too.

  • ayottemc

    I just spoke with my Verizon Rep yesterday and she said while there is no concrete evidence of the actual release date they now believe it will be in June-July. She said they originally thought it was going to be in February but now believe it to be June-July. I personally believe they will announce it on January 11th especially since not only have Apples employees been notified they are allowed no time-off in late january to Mid-february, but now Verizon employees aren't allowed time off either. Make of it what you will but I think it'll be in our hands in February

  • chris

    Verizon will always say its coming out later then usual or not say anything at all which is dumb hopefully they announce it on the 11th or sometime soon

  • gibba1924

    No one know when or if it will ever come out. I just thinks it's funny how the month of it arrival keeps changing as they pass and we still have no Iphone. I don't think it is coming anytime soon.

  • ocarr426

    It has been posted in many articles and on websites that it is to be announced on Tuesday January 11th that the iphone will be coming to Verizon. But I don't think the release of it will be until late February, even if then. The talk about it coming out in June-July just because that is the usual time Apple comes out with there new iphones is irrelevant. All calls are off of the "usual Apple" actions because it is just so abnormal for the iphone coming to Verizon in the first place.

  • articles

    I think iphone will do much better this time with Verizon than with A&T :)