Oecoway’s Unofficial iPad Facebook App Hits 1.5 Million Dowmloads

We brought you the news about a month ago that Oecoway were offering a Facebook like app called “Friendly”, which is a substitute for the social network on Apple’s iPad. Tablet owners have been rapidly downloading the app and Oecoway are currently celebrating 1.5 million downloads.

Since the apps debut in April 2010 it has amassed a vast amount of customers, but has had a huge chunk of its downloads most recently, with 1 million of them being over December when we first brought you this story. The increase in popularity is likely to be a combination of iPad Christmas sales and the fact that the app was changed from costing $0.99 to free on the iTunes Store.

iPad owners have become increasing frustrated with Apple’s refusal to bring out an official app and so are having to make do with “Friendly” which is almost a Facebook clone; however is still not good enough for some users. Ben Parr over on Mashable was lucky enough to speak to CEO Mark Zuckerberg and ask if an official app was in the works, with the answer being no because “iPad’s not mobile”.

Tablet users should not be too down-hearted as Mobile VP Erik Tseng has intervened and said that Facebook is still trying to figure out its strategy for tablet devices. You can count on seeing this story develop further as the year progresses with more huge changes and expansions predicted in the social networking market. Are you an iPad user who is making do with “Friendly”, or are you waiting for Facebook to see if they bring out their official app? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.