Microsoft Reveals Avatar Kinect, Allows Virtual Online Conversations

Xbox 360 Kinect is Microsoft’s motion detecting camera, which allows users to play videogames without having to use any physical controller. Today at the Consumer Electronics Show Microsoft released a trailer showing off their new Avatar Kinect feature, which allows friends to chat in virtual chat rooms, with their Avatar’s faces being animated in real time to represent the person who is talking.

The trailer, which is available over on, shows a group of friends gathering together over Xbox Live using their Kinect camera’s to have a community video chat. The difference in this scenario is that instead of seeing your friend’s faces, you see a real time representation of your friends using their Avatars.

The video shows 8 Avatars sitting around in chairs having a conversation, and I ask the question of why we need this? For 8 people to have an Avatar Kinect conversation, they would all need to own their own Xbox 360, Kinect camera and have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold. One advantage is that you can post your conversation to Facebook, but that brings up another question, why you would want to do that, and who would want to watch it?

Overall this whole idea seems daft to me, but then again I would class myself as a hardcore gamer. What do you think? Am I missing a trick here, or is it as daft as I think? Let me know in the comments below.