iPhone 3GS Price Cut Forced By Verizon

The iPhone 3GS hit the AT&T stores back in the summer of 2009, since then they have enjoyed the sales of the popular device. They since moved on to the iPhone 4 and again, the sales have been good due to the popularity of the device.

AT&T is currently the 2nd most popular network in the U.S, however they are predicting big losses when they lose the exclusivity that they have enjoyed through Apple. There has been a lot of talk of Apple and Verizon teaming up to boost both of their sales and customer satisfaction. This will be a case of, the most popular smartphone finally reaching the most popular carrier network.

With all that in mind, AT&T are slashing the price of the iPhone 3GS in a last ditch attempt to keep customers on their network using Apple’s 3GS as bait. The price of the device has gone from $99 down to $49, but is that enough for them to keep your custom?

On recent articles it has become clear that there is a real desire amongst the public for the next iPhone to be a CDMA enabled Verizon device. If this happens, which we are hoping it will, then AT&T would have been in big trouble. To ease their pain, AT&T on Wednesday at CES 2011 announced that they have 20 new high-speed wireless smartphone devices so that they aren’t so dependent on the success they have had through the Apple iPhone. According to Reuters.com, the price cut for the iPhone 3GS starts from tomorrow, January 7th.

Will you stick with AT&T and get a new iPhone 3GS at it’s cut price? Are you planning to make the switch to Verizon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.