Verizon iPhone 4 / 5: More clues of imminent release

Here at OSM we know just how many of you are still hanging out for news of a Verizon iPhone from Apple. We’ve posted many articles to keep you up-to-date with news and speculation (lots of it), and most recently wrote about several recent clues that it is indeed coming soon, such as accessories listed online and domain names for Verizon iPhones being registered by Verizon.

Now it appears some more clues are emerging. Matthew Chung over on Ubergizmo for example tells how there’s been more online accessories listed, this time from a company called Case-Mate which manufactures phone cases and also had a page solely for Verizon iPhone 4. This page, all too predictably, has now been removed.


Meanwhile Kelly over on IntoMobile has a good point to make when she tells us a tipster has informed them that Verizon is set to make changes to its warranty and upgrade policies. Apparently the Verizon New Every Two program may be ending which gives a discount on a new phone on a two-year renewal contract after 20 months has been fulfilled. The annual upgrade option also looks like it may be ending which allows customers to upgrade at special prices after the first year of a two-year contract.

The warranty program also looks set to change as this currently allows users to exchange defective or broken phones for a refurbished one, whatever condition their defective phone is in. However sometimes managers handed out upgraded phones and waived the fee. Under the changes though, if there are any signs of damage such as scatch marks then a charge of $150 or even $300 could be made.

IntoMobile sees these changes as preparation for a CDMA Verizon iPhone. If these new policies have already been established (January 16 looks like the date for changes), it may stop people upgrading straight away and will also prevent people hoping to exchange their current damaged phones for an iPhone. This certainly makes a lot of sense and these clues combine to make us even more sure that the Verizon iPhone is on its way soon. We still feel that February is the most likely time for its appearance.

We know from previous articles how many of you have opinions about the Verizon iPhone, or lack of it, so please do keep sending in your comments as we’re interested in what you have to say.

  • Magic

    Yea!! you finally learned to copy and paste.. kudos..

  • Bay Area CA Male

    I cant wait so i can ditch ATT and also point and laugh out loud at these Droid geeks who have made so much noise about their crappy device eleged superiority.

  • Jack Quinn

    At this point, I'll believe it when I see one. I have been 3-1/2 years waiting, but of course paying ATT the full monthly fee. All this time Apple has left us hanging, and not once have they ever uttered the word, "Verizon."


  • coming inFeb?

    my wife was at a verizon store having her phone looked at over the weekend due to a bad battery. She asked the rep about the status of the iPhone and the rep said he had no information but did say that verizon is not allowing any employee to take vacation or time off in February. Take it for what it's worth

    • debbielt

      That's a very interesting thing to hear thanks. We do like to get these tips and I may mention that in a future article. Thanks for reading.

  • turkce ingilizce

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  • droidlifeIs,str8

    I, think verizion getting the Iphone, is a powermove (big Red)know what they doing, there saying checkmate at&t.

    Now the question is are they going to handle the upgrades .