Social Media and Politics: Future impact

Here at OSM we’ve noted the growing ties between social media and politics for some time. At the time of the Midterm Elections we noted the race using social media and also how many news organizations were now using social media for their coverage. We then also noted the links between the winners at the elections and their use of Twitter and Facebook.

Now an interesting article over on Mashable by Matt Silverman looks at the impact of social media on politics over the long-term and breaks it down into 4 predictions. The first prediction is that there will eventually be a point reached where social media cannot make any further impact as elections involve all, whether they use social media sites or not. For example if a constituency mainly consists of over-65’s a Facebook campaign will only have limited effect.

The second prediction is that new media strategists will simply be strategists as social media is now so widespread and prevalent it doesn’t warrant its own specialists. The third prediction is that traditional forms of media, such as TV and print, will become less valuable and make less of an impact. The final prediction involves whistle blowing and the fact that although the Internet means that government feels the outcome of this more quickly (think WikiLeaks), the Internet and social media has not necessarily changed the way that sensitive information is handled. For the full article go to

You may also be interested in our previous article about U.S. Congress being streamed live on Facebook today and this is elaborated upon in an article over on Fox News by Varuna Bhatia. How do you feel that social media will impact politics in the future? We’d be interested to hear your views so please feel free to send us your comments.