Schweppes App Allows Custom Facebook Profile

Whilst Facebook may not generate the most traffic from a social media perspective, it has still managed to get to the top of the charts for search terms and the most searched for website. Facebook has become more than just a social networking site; today we reported that it would be streaming the U.S. Congress!

It also has many app style games, including the ever popular CityVille. Now that we are on the subject of Facebook apps, we wanted to report on a cool one from Schweppes. The beverage firm has a digital agency based in Amsterdam which has introduced an app to Facebook called ‘Profile Yourself‘, the idea has taken the Andre Oudin’s artistic style of making it seem as if a face is looking through a profile page. You can see an example of it over at where Todd Wasserman has written an article.

If you would like to apply the same changes to your Facebook page, all you need to do is head over to the official Schweppes Facebook page by clicking here, hit the “Like” button as instructed and get customizing! If you are still unsure of how to apply the changes, then head to the bottom of our article to see a tutorial.

Have you been using the Schweppes app? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

  • chris

    What happens when someone tags you in a photo? Does it ruin your well crafted profile picture?