Joanna Yeates Murder: Police use Facebook and YouTube videos

The sad murder of Joanna Yeates continues to attract huge media attention and it seems that police have now turned to forms of social media in their efforts to solve the crime and find Jo’s killer. Realising the potential of using Facebook for example, police are hoping that because of the sheer amounts and scope of people who use it that it will draw attention and focus to the case.

Avon and Somerset Police have launched a Facebook campaign and Phil Jones, Detective Chief Inspector said, “The majority of people these days are spending time on Facebook and other social networking sites – it has become part of everyday routine. This advert allows us to point people to special features on our website and contact our incident room,” according to a report by Krissy Storrar over on the Mirror.

CCTV clips have also been placed on YouTube and you can see one of these below this story and Gary Mitchell of Sky News reports that police are now saying that the Facebook advert has been viewed 250,000 times while the YouTube CCTV footage has now been viewed over 120,000 times. If you want to see the latest developments surrounding the case check out the Sky News link above.

This certainly shows the enormous impact of using social media to help solve crime and we would expect to see more and more use in cases such as this terrible murder. We can only hope that the endeavour does indeed help in the hunt for Jo’s killer. We’d like to hear your thoughts about this so please do send in your comments.