Smartfish: Ergonomic Keyboard Released – Shipping Now

The new Smartfish ergonomic keyboard has now officially been released; this is a revolutionary keyboard that is being described as ‘intelligent‘. This device has a sensor inside it that slightly amends the keyboards position to change your typing position.

Changing your typing position at regular intervals will keep good circulation within your wrists, this makes you feel more comfortable and will minimize the risk of injury. Due to the technological advancements called ‘ErgoMotion’ within the keyboard, the chances of repetitive stress types of injury are reduced.

There is a motion system that will actually track the way you type in your typing activity and then adjust itself. The way this keyboard works is brilliant, repetition is the cause of discomfort when typing. You can read more about this over at their official site by clicking here. You can also watch a video at the bottom of our article.

Plenty of other websites are reporting on this product, these include the likes of as well as Ensure that you read their articles and opinions on the keyboard.

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