MMT “Monitor2Go” Laptop Including Secondary Screen: CES 2011

For the person who is always on the go and requires great things from their PC, then look no further. MMT have now released details of their new USB external monitor, 15.4 inch secondary screen which works on the concept of the user being able to fold and twist the screen that also uses Display Link’s virtual GPU technology.

It seems with the doors ready to open at the CES show on the 6 January, more and more developers are gearing the rest of us up with their newest innovations, this one being one of those, aptly named the “Monitor2Go.” It works on the principle that it will simply hook up onto your device’s USB port instead of a graphics output, and as SlashGear pointed out, the new laptop can be positioned either by standing it in portrait or landscape mode with the aid of its built in stand, therefore allowing you to view the screen at eye level and making it completely portable.

Along with this as Softpedia reported, the laptop can be linked together with 6 other screens via a host’s computer USB port allowing an instant viewing wall.

In a recent statement from MMT’s President “Larry Pensack,” he said, “Monitor2Go will be one of the most useful products shown at CES and that consumers can buy.” Whilst we are on the subject of price, the laptop is expected to retail around the $279 margin although we will have to wait for this to be officially confirmed at the show.

Can you see yourself waiting to buy one of these? Let us know your thoughts.