Firefox Tops Internet Explorer as Top Browser in Europe

Internet Explorer has long been the dominant player in the web browsing market, possibly due to the fact that it’s built into every Windows computer and that many users don’t know how to change it, or even know of any alternatives, but that seems set to change.

As Google’s Chrome browser achieves 10% worldwide marketshare, new figures released today from Statcounter show that Mozilla’s Firefox browser has, for the first time, become the dominant browser in Europe. According to an article over on Mashable, Firefox has 38.11% of the European market, whilst Internet Explorer has dropped down into second place with 37.52%.

Google Chrome has made the biggest increase in browser share jumping from 5.06% to 14.58% in one year. Reasons for Firefox’s victory seem to have come from the decline in IE’s marketshare, rather than any massive increase of their own. For more details on the browser marketshare story, head on over to

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