Apple All-in-one TV With MobileMe and iTunes Store

We’ve been bringing you news about Apple TV since its launch and only earlier today told how Microsoft might be venturing into the streaming gadget market to compete against Apple and also Google TV.

Now though we hear news of a major new initiative from Apple which may appear in 2012, an all-in-one Apple TV set which could incorporate built-in Apple TV, MobileMe and iTunes amongst other features. Jim Dalrymple over on Cnet reports on this news which is from a research note by senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray, Gene Munster.

The new Apple TV receiver has sold over a million units since its release last fall and Munster says, “While Apple’s commitment to the living room remains a ‘hobby,’ we continue to believe the company will enter the TV market with a full focus, as an all-in-one Apple television could move the needle when connected TVs proliferate.” Munster does not predict any new product categories for 2011 but does see a Verizon iPhone as likely, along with iPad expansion to further countries and an iTunes cloud service among other things.

Eric Savitz over on Forbes has also taken a look at what we might see from Apple in 2011 and adds Munster’s percentages for the probability of these occurrences such as a 95% chance of seeing a Verizon iPhone, 90% for an iTunes cloud service and 100% for a Mac App Store (hardly surprising as we’ve known for some time that it’s due to launch on January 6). Chiang also gives the rest of Munster’s forecasts for what to expect from Apple during 2011.

What do you think of the likelihood that Apple may venture into the TV set market? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this or any of the other things expected from Apple during this year so please do send us your comments.