YouTube HRH Queen Elizabeth: 1957 Christmas Message Hits Top

YouTube, the video sharing site originally founded back in 2005, has now become increasingly popular with users being able to upload, share and watch their favorite videos. During last year, the site became a great way for pop stars to show off their latest music videos, and companies to advertise their branded products with the rest of the world, brands including Old Spice and Domino’s Pizza. But today, its the turn of HRH Queen Elizabeth.

Although the Royal Family were already present on social networking sites such as Twitter and in November the Royals joined Facebook which pulled in thousands of users, today it seems that plenty of you were been keen to click onto YouTube along with the Queen’s Christmas Day speech. As the reported, this in itself pulled in a staggering 82,000 viewings but surprisingly enough, its the 7-minute 1957 speech that has attracted more than 1.2 million viewings.

The speech which for many of us is a significant part of Christmas Day is hoped to bring the nation closer together and gives some of us hope for future times. In this black and white footage, you will see a 31-year old Queen addressing the nation with the hope of “new medium” television bringing her closer to her people.

If you haven’t seen the video, check it out below and give us your thoughts on it?