Samsung HMX-Q10: Ambidextrous Camcorder – Great for Lefties

Samsung have been good with their products for years and now with the build up to CES 2011, which is in a few days, we are still seeing more Samsung devices. We have also seen an amusing, innovative way of using camera image stabilization.

Another interest that we have had is the user of technology and gadgets to suit not only your average consumer, but also your average left handed consumer. Generally when digital cameras or camcorders are made, they are geared around the right handed user. That is where this product is completely different to any camcorder you may have seen before. You can use it right handed, or you can use it left handed!

The device isn’t exactly going to break the bank either, at a modest price of $299. You can expect to see this device at CES 2011 but unfortunately, it will not be available to buy until February. The specs of the camera are shown on their press release which you can read over at by clicking here. Alternatively, you can head over to by clicking here.

What do you think of the new HMX-Q10 camera? Are you a ‘lefty’ that would find the useful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.