Google Chrome Browser: Finishes 2010 with 10% Share

When you look at the browsers of today, Internet Explorer is still the most widely used by some way it actually accounts for over half of the browser usage. Different browsers are being used all the time and the increase that can be seen for Safari is more than likely due to the amount of Apple devices that have been purchased, as well as perhaps some internal testing of the iPhone 5 and iPad 2.

When you look at the graph, you can see that the Chrome browser seems to be eating away at not only IE but at Fire Fox too. If you look at how much Firefox’s browser had a year ago, it has actually lost some ground too. This would suggest that whilst many users still use Firefox, they are certainly trying new releases. You have to wonder what will happen when IE9 is released. IE9 will be Microsoft’s new browser, as with everything, they will want it to be cutting edge, to offer something that the others don’t offer and to be successful.

Going forward, unless IE9 is extremely popular then you can see them loosing more of the market. We at OSM are predicting that IE will continue to lose its popularity and that Google Chrome will continue to grow. Perhaps it will have a similar chunk of the market to Firefox by the end of the year. Google Chrome’s browser use has gone up to 10%, the highest it has ever been since November it has grown from 9.3% to 10%. Whilst this may seem like quite a small amount, it actually represents thousands of people from a currently crowded market.

Head over to where Stephen Shankland has written an article explaining the figures. What are your predictions for browsers in 2011? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.