Facto.Me App: Enjoyable & Addictive Way Of Sharing Your Facts

Apart from expressing your thoughts and ideas to those nearest and dearest, do you feel that you want to burst and share all your interesting facts with other people. If the answer is yes then there may be an app available to help you with your quest. Its none other than the Facto.Me app available from developer Forrst.

With an interesting, social and entertaining new concept, the Facto.me app is hoped to not only give the user something a little more unique, giving people a better insight into who you are, but its a good way of interacting with others all around the world. As Mashable reported, on signing up to Facto.me, you will notice under each fact, there will be a row of buttons. Similar to that of Facebook‘s “Like Button,” the user will be given the opportunity to respond by clicking whether you too like or dislike the fact and so on.

It is hoped that as more and more people become aware of Facto.me and what it has to offer, then developer Kyle Bragger, may introduce more tools to put you into same groups with others sharing the same facts. Although as Mediaite.com stated, the app which is just 2 days old as already proved to be a talking point amongst some of you, in fact 2,000 of you with some 8,000 facts and 150,000 page views.

Tell us what you think of this new idea, can you see it attracting more than the 2,000? And if so, can you see any potential problems? Let us know.

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    There has been an Interview with the facto.me developer, Kyle Bragger – bit.ly/dH4OGE