Apple iPhone 4 & iPad: Most Searched For Items on eBay

Apple’s dominance in 2010 was pretty amazing, the iPhone 4 cleared up the smartphone market and then the iPad came in and wiped out the competition in the tablet market. Now we are learning that the pair were the two most searched for items on eBay.

The online retailer eBay is still a massively popular tool for most people. They sell just about anything and everything, some of the bidding wars can get a bit intense to say the least. Desirable products will be the most searched for, so it doesn’t really surprise us that Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPad were up there.

Some of the figures released by eBay say that they handle more than 2 billion U.S. searches for products. The top 5 products shipped looked like this, the iPad came in 5th place, 4th place saw Hot Wheels, Military Jackets snapped up 3rd spot, Barbie came in at 2nd spot and the iPhone 4 was the chart topper in 1st place. You can see eBay’s full list here. In the listings, eBay also brings you the top fashion list.

If you want to read more about the eBay searches then head over to TechCrunch, where Leena Rao has written an article on it. Are you surprised by the Apple products both doing so well on eBay? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.