Verizon Price Drop $500 For Galaxy Tab?

Since the Samsung Galaxy Tab‘s arrival back in November, its fair to say that many of you are pretty impressed by its offering, although some of you are still steering more towards the Apple iPad. Although it has not taken affect as of yet, the big red “Verizon” is rumored to be reducing the price of the Galaxy Tab by $100 therefore it will retail at $499.99 contract free.

If this isn’t enough to tempt you, then they will also be offering a $60 movie rental voucher from Blockbuster’s app or Samsung’s own media hub. As Engadget reported, if you were one of the number of people to purchase one of these Android tablets within the last 2 weeks, then Verizon has stated that you too will benefit from getting a price difference refund with a valid receipt.

The guys over at have questioned how the Galaxy Tab will fair against stiff competition from not only Apple’s next generation iPad due for release spring time, but others being showcased at one of the largest consumer electronics shows (CES) in Las Vegas at the end of next week. Devices are rumored to include Motorola‘s Droid Xoom, Archos 70, and BlackBerry’s PlayBook amongst others.

Will you be swayed by Verizon’s price reduction or are you waiting in anticipation for new arrivals? Let us know your thoughts.