Microsoft ARC: Touch Mouse – Great For Left Handed Users

Which do you prefer, the conventional mouse or something that is a bit different? Some people like something that’s little bit individual but personal preference will dictate your ’weapon’ of choice. Apple have their Magic Mouse which is all basically touch sensitive with multi-touch capabilities and we have reported on a Sanwa model which you can read about here.

Now Microsoft have released a new touch sensitive mouse. This one looks nice and it is perfect for right or left handed users. We know it can be difficult to get a mouse comfortable enough to use for left handed users so it is great to see a device that could be described as ‘ambidextrous’.

The ARC touch mouse has a flexible design to allow you to flat pack it into your bag or pocket. It has a USB nano receiver to connect it to your computer with a little bit of storage space for it on the bottom of the mouse in a magnetized compartment.

The device was designed by Young Kim; you can view him talking about the concept of how the device was developed at the bottom of the article. You can also view the mouse in action a little below the first video. If you would like to see further details of the mouse then click here.

According to Libby Plummer over at, the device is currently retailing for £45.49, you can read their full review here.

Are you a left hander? What do you think of the Microsoft ARC touch mouse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Michael White

    I'm currently using this mouse at the moment. Fits very well in the hand. Probably ideal for those who travel a lot.

  • Stian Fagereng

    To small for a my hand and I dont have large hands.
    Using it feels strained, since it’s to small. More a lady’s mouse if you ask me.

    Indeed, very fancy.