Facebook Contributing To User WithDrawal Symptoms

For some time now, we have heard various reports about how excessive computer use can affect us, be it physically or mentally. It has been suggested in the past that long periods of gaming and use of the internet can both contribute to unhealthy distraction. To gain any understanding of this, a study called “Unplugged” was carried out on a group of volunteers across 12 universities around the globe.

As the Telegraph.co.uk reported, the willing candidates had to live life for 24 hours without any access to the internet including social networking sites, TV, email messages, mobile phone text messages and so on. As The Economic Times stated, the only 2 luxuries made were that of the landline telephone and the use of a book.

When the time was up, responses were mixed. Some of the candidates said that their experience was like going “cold turkey”, the same feeling as coming off a drug. The condition for this has been named “Information Deprivation Disorder.”

As part of the findings within the United Kingdom, Dr Roman Gerodimos stated, “We were not just seeing psychological symptoms, but also physical symptoms.”

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