US Galaxy S II Release: Carrier Preference? Samsung Asks


The new Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone is proving a smash hit in many countries excluding the US who are still waiting for it to show its face. Unfortunately, the States have been waiting for some weeks now to get their hands on the device and additional news yesterday, has stated that a White … [Read more...]

Study Shows IE Users Are Less Smart Than Other Web Browsers


We see many a study being carried out on companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google, normally to do with sales and revenue. A new surprising study has been conducted, this time linking the web browser you use to your intelligence. The results are in, and for all of you Internet Explorer users, we … [Read more...]

Epic Meal Time: Pigs n’ Poultry Is Pretty Funny


When it comes to the latest and best viral videos at OSM we strive to bring you the most entertaining ones we possibly can. We also look at different types of web series which included Mortal Kombat: Legacy where we have added an article talking about each of the episodes and the characters we saw. … [Read more...]

Twitter To Tone Down Sensitive Material With Link Flagging


With Twitter's millions of users you kind of expect plenty of colorful content to fly around the site. Although the site is a place for anyone and everyone, members are free to tweet and upload images of what ever they want. This can prove tricky for parents who's kids use the site as sensitive … [Read more...]

UK White Galaxy S II: Official Verification 1st September


We know that there is a huge following for the new Samsung Galaxy S II and in order for the Korean company to achieve their target sales figure of 10 million for the year end, its paramount that as many countries are included in the equation, marketing campaigns are kept at the forefront of peoples' … [Read more...]

Apple Richer Than US Government: World’s No.1 Smartphone Seller


Things are looking as good as ever for Apple, not only did they recently post record profits in their quarterly reports, they have also been dubbed the world's largest smartphone vendor by an analyst firm. The Cupertino based firm have been so profitable from sales of their products that they now … [Read more...]

Droid Bionic Official Early September: Galaxy S II Favored


Unfortunately news came through from Motorola yesterday that will disappoint a large number of customers, another delay for the new Droid Bionic. Over the last week or so, rumored news was pointing to a launch date of 4th August, but now those of you waiting will be doing so until the month of … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S Suspected Images: Is It Really Here?


For the last few months, a continuous string of iPhone 5 rumors has been acknowledged across the internet. News has varied from its appearance, specs, price, carriers to of course its release date. From what was hoped to be a launch date back in June/July time has now changed to a September 5th … [Read more...]

US Samsung Galaxy S II: Live Sign-Up Page, Track Progress


Samsung's Galaxy S II smartphone is wowing a huge amount of followers at the present time and the latest sales figures show that over 5 million devices have been sold in just 85 days, not bad going when you compare it to its predecessor the Galaxy S, which took 125 days to meet the same figure. … [Read more...]

Addressing Sluggish Nintendo 3DS Sales, Simply Not Cutting It


For those of you who take an interest in the games console market you are probably already aware that the Nintendo 3DS simply isn’t cutting it. As things stand their sales have been slow and now they are finally addressing those sluggish Nintendo 3DS sales that are simply not cutting it … [Read more...]

HTC EVO 3D: UK Have To Wait Until September, Explanation?


As the world of technology evolves, so do the amount of devices including 3D, examples of this include gaming consoles, TV's and mobile phones, the HTC EVO 3D smartphone is no exception. Having been compared to that of the LG Optimus 3D the EVO has already been released in America but unfortunately … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II In White: UK August 15th? Apple’s Downfall


As sales of the Samsung Galaxy S II top the scales in many countries, the US is still patiently awaiting its arrival, although we have to add for not much longer. Rumors have surfaced that it will make its presence known around August 12th, which may be slightly after Motorola's Droid Bionic but … [Read more...]

Mango Update For Windows Phone 7 Is Good To Go


Microsoft have successfully developed their newest version of their Windows Phone OS, codenamed "Mango". It has passed the manufacturing stage and will be available for devices worldwide this fall. The RTM (release to manufacturing stage) means that Microsoft have completed the development of the … [Read more...]

HTC Sensation Price Slash: iPhone 5 To Take Notice


Its hard to ignore Apple iPhone 5 rumors across the internet, with what seems like a barrage of news on a daily basis. Months of speculation as to what the next-generation Apple handset will look like, its specs, name, price and of course release date are all hoped to be made official sometime in … [Read more...]

Twitter Hacked Accounts: Weight-Loss Spam Spreading


Social networking sites are increasing in popularity and have become part of our daily lives. At times reports have claimed that people cannot be without sites such as Facebook and Twitter and rely on them to stay in touch with their loved ones and groups of friends. Another to add to the mix is … [Read more...]

Facebook Ads Show How To Disable Facial Recognition

Facebook facial recognition

Facebook has been the dominant social network for a long time, but one of the main criticisms it received was its lapse approach to security. Many of Facebook’s features are set to public by default, and users often find themselves opted into extra features that aren’t advertised. Meanwhile Google … [Read more...]

Motorola Xoom Price Drop: Sway Galaxy Tab 10.1 Buyers?


Since the Apple iPad tablet arrived last year, manufacturers have all been trying to outdo one another with different devices, be it Samsung's Galaxy Tab, Acer's Iconia, Research in Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook and of course Motorola's new Xoom and its this that we wanted to report on today. … [Read more...]

MacBook Pro Lineup Replacement In The Air


Laptops offer power and function with portable practicality, for those that work on the way to the office, or those that just cannot offer the space that a desktop needs, laptops are the answer. But where do you start if you are in the market for a portable PC device? If its performance and screen … [Read more...]

Google Updates +1 Button To Make It 3X Quicker


Google has really been upping its social game recently, not only have they swiftly launched and improved Google+, they have also just rolled out an update to their Google +1 button. The +1 button which you may have noticed has made its way on to just about every web page, is now much faster. … [Read more...]

Music Exec: Limewire “Thieves” Were iTunes’ Biggest Customers


The death of Limewire broke many hearts of those who loved quick and free music downloads. The peer to peer site which saw millions of people uploading music and sharing it, was shut down last year after legal action from the music industry. The record labels, artists and retailers like iTunes … [Read more...]

Verizon Galaxy S II August 12th Release? Full US Impact


Just over a week ago, we brought you news that the Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) smartphone was indeed on its way to the US, despite rumor at one point that it wasn’t going to make an entrance at all. Some have questioned why its taken so long for the States to see the Sammy offering, when other … [Read more...]

AT&T Galaxy S II’s 2011: Touchscreen & Full Qwerty Offering?


Samsung's new Galaxy S2 smartphone has been making waves within the mobile phone market for the last few weeks. Upon release in some countries such as the UK, Hong Kong, China, Korea and so on, consumers its been reported just can't get enough of the device. The States are still waiting for its … [Read more...]

YouTube Gobbles Up 22% Of Your Mobile Data Allowance


What do you do when your out on the go and have time to kill? Check your Facebook account, fiddle with a few apps, watch the odd YouTube video? This is what many of us do on our smartphones, and studies have shown that YouTube is amongst one of the largest pastimes which swallows up our data usage … [Read more...]

Verizon Leak BlackBerry Bold 9930 On Their Own Website – Oops!


Smartphone manufacturers are generally a secretive bunch, they like to try and keep their ideas to themselves until the last minute or use controlled leaks to specific websites or Twitter accounts. This one we don’t think was controlled; Verizon has leaked the BlackBerry Bold 9930 on their own … [Read more...]

Mozillla Want To Develop A Mobile OS: “Boot To Gecko”


Mozilla are looking to break free of their chains and enter into the mobile operating system market. The company most famous for their popular global web browser, Firefox will be looking to have smartphone software equally as successful. The OS market is lethally competitive with Android and iOS … [Read more...]