Motorola Atrix 4G: Not to be overlooked – with video


Here at OSM we’ve been keeping you informed with news and speculation regarding the Motorola Atrix 4G, the dual-core Android handset coming to AT&T. We’ve previously reported on the specs of this powerful handset (with video), a docking accessory, and also discussed the Android dominance of the … [Read more...]

Motorola Atrix 4G Multimedia Dock: Another Accessory


As we wait for Motorola’s latest Atrix 4G handset, prices have been leaked setting a mark of $150 for Motorola’s 4G smartphone. To add to this there has been extra news giving us some idea on costs for accessories to enhance your new device. … [Read more...]

BlackBerry Vs iPhone Sales: RIM Beats Apple


RIM and BlackBerry certainly have a lot going on right now with the BlackBerry PlayBook on its way. The PlayBook has overcome various issues regarding the battery that to be on target for its release in March … [Read more...]

Sony NGP (PSP2): Questions still unanswered


Since the word came about the Sony PSP2 or NGP (Next Generation Portable) as it’s now known, we’ve brought you many articles with news and speculation about this upcoming gaming console. Among our recent posts were a look at the PSP2 vs. the PS3, specs, news on the Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 processor … [Read more...]

Notion Ink Adam Shipment Delays: Was Your Touchscreen Affected?


Some might say that the introduction of the new Notion Ink Adam tablet from start-up Notion Ink, has been tainted with bad luck from the beginning. The device which we have brought you news on throughout this month, is receiving more than its fair share of problems, such as initial delays due to … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Update Release Confusion: Feb 7th or 14th?


As many of you Windows Phone 7 fans out there may be aware, there is a much awaited update due out codenamed NoDo. … [Read more...]

Motorola XOOM: Featured In Super Bowl Advert


Motorola are quickly becoming the advertisement guru’s, if you cast your minds back to before CES 2011 you may remember a tablet PC advert that went through the ages of tablets starting with the Egyptian Hieroglyphic carrying on through the ages all the way until it comes to the Motorola stand. This … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Revenue: $32 Million Pulled In For 2010


LinkedIn has been getting some coverage from us of late, we have reported on its new features, how it is worth almost $3 billion and also how it has been used as part of social media that has changed the face of recruitment … [Read more...]

YourTango: Create Facebook “Break Up With Your Ex” Day


Valentines day is fast approching and if you are single, you may find yourself sitting there regularly looking at your ex-partners Facebook profile. … [Read more...]

Android Tablets Prove Themselves Against iPad / iPad 2


The world of tablets is ever increasing, and for many, when we think about the tablet we tend to relate it to the Apple iPad. But judging by the number of devices making their way onto the market, we may find ourselves in a position where we have too many to choose from by the end of this year. … [Read more...]

Internet Explorer Security Bug: Loophole for Hackers


Things aren’t looking to good for the reputation for one of the most used browsers, Internet Explorer. We previously reported the news back towards the end of December that users may be at risk of hackers taking over their machines … [Read more...]

LoveFilm Streaming Now On Samsung Blu-ray Players


As of today, owners of Samsung Blu-ray players can now stream movies from online rental service LoveFilm. … [Read more...]

Intel Sandy Bridge Recalls Imminent: Design Flaw The Cause


Following Intel’s Sandy Bridge CPU being released in Asia and having to pay NVIDIA $1.5 billion over a dispute, we are now hearing that there is a design flaw in the new Sandy Bridge processor. This is really bad news for Intel and pretty unusual as you don’t tend to hear about too many CPU recalls … [Read more...]

Plentyoffish: Dating Site Hacked


The free online dating site Plentyoffish has been the victim of hacking recently. The bad news was broken by the companies CEO, Markus Frind, on his blog, although the website itself has not released an official statement. … [Read more...]

LinkedIn’s Latest Features: Will You Use Them?


LinkedIn is certainly growing amongst a lot of companies who are looking at hiring new talent. With that in mind, we have reported various articles on LinkedIn such as some tips on improving your profile, the new InMaps and how LinkedIn is now worth almost $3 Billion … [Read more...]

Bloggie Software Now Available For Apple Mac Users


Recently we have compiled reports on the new Sony Bloggie 3D camcorder which was showcased at CES 2011 but one of the issues surrounding the camcorders from Sony was their lack of compatibility with Apple’s hardware … [Read more...]

6 New iDevice Docking Stations From Logic3


If you were lucky enough to unwrap an iDevice last Chrstmas or have just recently bought one then you may want to pick up a new docking station to keep it company. … [Read more...]

Dell Streak 7 Release Date and Price: $200 on Feb 2


We’ve previously posted articles on the Dell Streak 7 tablet, which is coming to T-Mobile and given you a hands-on look. Recently we also gave you news on the release date and a price. However we have more current news today on the price as it appears it will be cheaper than first thought. … [Read more...]

Richard Keys & Andy Gray Quotes App Hits iPhone


With the furious heat from the sexist saga cooling down, it still looks like the companies out there are trying to milk the incidident abit more before it dies. … [Read more...]

Verizon HTC Thunderbolt: Release Date & Price?


News for the much anticipated HTC Thunderbolt is still coming in waves. The 4G smartphone which seems to be one of a number of talked about devices at the present time, has had people questioning what the official specifications will be, release date, price and so on. … [Read more...]

Microsoft and Apple in Trouble: Netgear CEO Explains


For years we have seen the ongoing battle between Microsoft and Apple for market dominance, now we are reading reports that Netgear’s CEO and global chairman Patrick Lo has launched an attack on Steve Jobs, Apple and has also had a dig at Microsoft … [Read more...]

Egypt Protests: Social media help needed as Al-Jazeera office closed


We’ve been bringing you the news from Egypt about the growing protests and the social media aspects of this, such as first Twitter being blocked and then the whole Internet being blocked where we asked if this was now a human rights issue. … [Read more...]

Facebook Facial Recognition Update: Acquisition Rumors


Just about everyone is on Facebook these days, the only people we know are people that refuse to be; perhaps to be different or because their job entails they shouldn’t be. Otherwise for those of us that do use Facebook, it’s great for Social Networking. Using Facebook can be good as you can get … [Read more...]

Android Now Biggest Smartphone Platform: Overtakes Symbian


We have written many articles recently about the rise of the Android OS platform and recent posts have included a look at the Apple iOS vs. Google Android and also an article about the Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom Android Fight. … [Read more...]

AT&T Announce 12 New Androids: Including 20 4G’s By End 2011


Since the Consumer Electronics Show at the start of this month, its been a job to keep up with constant news of up and coming mobile phones, TV's, tablet's, cameras and so on. Today its the turn of American carrier AT&T with an announcement that could possibly prick up the ears of its other … [Read more...]