Nook 2 E-Reader From Barnes & Noble: On It’s Way?

While Barnes and Noble have been in the spotlight over their Nook e-readers potential explosions issue, you would think that the manufacturer had enough on its plate without placing more pressure upon themselves.

Well the reported danger issues seemed only caused by Android 2.2 installation onto hacked devices, and according to Softpedia, Barnes and Noble have cast aside these thoughts and suggested that a new generation Nook is already in the pipeline.

Nook has always been a real contender, as one of the first companies to supply e-reader users’ an e-book store. It has held its own against the likes of Sony and Amazon in this market, and the assumption is that B&N are set to make the next step.

This comes after a report from pocketrow explained that the manufacturer has filed a list of trademark requests including one for the “Nook WiFi,” a “Nook Kids” and a “Nook2.” Obviously the Nook Kids would be aimed at an educational level, while the Nook2 would most likely become the successor to the current Nook model.

At the moment Barnes and Noble have yet to confirm any of these plans, but as technology moves on with the introduction of other devices like tablets, we are sure it wont be long before we hear of Nook expansion plans. Tell us if you are an e-reader user and what you would like to see included in the next Nook device?