LG Tablet PC: Running Android Honeycomb OS?

CES 2011 has seen many tablet PC announcements already, so far we have seen a great advert from Motorola for their tablet PC that will be running Android Honeycomb, we have seen the BlackBerry PlayBook and an Archos tablet PC which looks pretty interesting.

It really does look like 2011 is going to be “The Year Of The Tablet”, which is pretty astounding when you think about the market about a year ago. Apple have pretty much turned what was a diminished market, into the one that everyone wants a piece of, including LG.

LG have had a tablet in the pipeline for a little while, but they have been reluctant to release it until there was an OS that was a little more tablet friendly. Now we are looking at potentially 2 or 3 tablets debuting at CES 2011 running the Android Honeycomb OS. This can only be a good thing as it offers more variety and competition between brands. What we like about LG waiting for a little while before releasing their tablet, is it shows they have taken their time to make sure everything is right. They have also had the time to see where others have succeeded and failed. You can read a bit more about the tablet over at TechRadar.com and also at Slashgear.com.

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