Barnes & Noble: NOOK’s eReader – Good Sales Continue

The holiday season has been brilliant for pretty much all of the eReaders. Previously we heard that Amazon’s Kindle 3 is the top selling item on, well now it seems that Barnes & Noble don’t want to be forgotten.

According to B&N, their current line of eReaders are hot sellers too, in fact, they are the biggest selling item in their 40 year history. B&N also say that their NOOK Color is their top seller. It’s all very well saying these things, but from our perspective bold statements like this should really be backed up with figures, which unfortunately were not provided. You can read more about this over at where Brenna Ehrlich.

You have to wonder, if the NOOK Color and the Amazon Kindle were put head to head on actual sales, which the victor would be? Both devices seem great and of course will have shifted a fair number of units in the months leading up to Christmas.

Now that we are past Christmas, perhaps you are looking to treat yourself. If you are then maybe you should read our guide to eReader devices by clicking here.

Which eReader is your favorite? Have you noticed anything fantastic while you are using your device? Let us know in the comments below.