RIM BlackBerry PlayBook: Release Date Not Delayed

It would seem that the rumor surrounding the BlackBerry PlayBook never materialized and has now been rubbished by RIM. We reported to you that the PlayBook would perhaps be delayed due to some battery issues, however RIM are saying that the PlayBook will be released on time. You can read the statement that was provided to Erictric by clicking here.

Let the battles commence, the PlayBook will be shown at CES 2011 and the release date is expected to match that of the Apple iPad 2. Q1 this year is going to be very interesting; no doubt there will be many different types of tablet PC being released onto the market. You only have to look at CES 2011 to know that this will be “The Year Of The Tablet”.

Of all of the tablets being shown at CES 2011, the BlackBerry PlayBook is one that will have automatic respect due to the popularity of BlackBerry devices, especially in businesses. But can that be perceived as a negative? Are people looking for something a bit more innovative, something new? You can read another opinion over at Engadget.com by clicking here.

Are you pleased to hear that the PlayBook is back on track? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • old crow

    Yea! Cant wait for Playbook, All the family has Iphones I have stuck with BB and am really looking forward to seeing all the uses it can do for me.

  • Ray

    It's not "delayed" because they never announced the release date. By the time it hits the shelves, Android-based tablets will be much cheaper and more supported with apps. Both iPad and Playbook are stuck with their proprietary OSs.
    "Stuck" with BB? Exactly what can a iPhone do that any other smart phone cannot do?