Chicken Cam Vs. Human Cam: Video Comparison For Stabilization

Now you may be wondering, what a crazy title for an article but there are some amazing things that a chicken can do. They are surprisingly advanced in that they see in color, can live for years and can even develop a personality!

Remember all the videos that you see from family get-togethers, when they are bumpy and jerky, it’s because our Vestibulo-Ocular reflex doesn’t really compare to that of a chicken. The chicken has a highly evolved Vestibulo-Ocular reflex and gaze stabilizing function, which would make it the perfect for the job of ‘camera man’.

That being the case, a few people have been posting different videos demonstrating the chicken’s extraordinary capabilities. Quite an amusing thought which comes from the videos is that of actually strapping a Steadicam to a chicken’s head. There is no easy way of doing it!

The conclusion is that the chicken, when it doesn’t move its head to look at something, has a very steady view on the camera. Pretty amazing don’t you think? Have a look at the videos at the bottom of our article to draw your own conclusion. You can read a bit more about the individual videos over at here and here.

*Apparently no chickens were harmed in the making of these videos*

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