Keepsy: Gifting Photo Albums With Your Facebook Friends

When you have been browsing your Facebook and all of a sudden in the corner of your screen you see a friend or relative’s birthday, have you ever wanted to do more than just send them a nice message to words of the effect “Happy Birthday”?

Well now you can with Keepsy. The site allows you and your friends to collaborate and create a photo album of pictures from your Facebook accounts. What a great innovative idea. What Keepsy have done is made buying a group gift easy.

Keepsy is a form of digital scrap booking coupled with gift buying, which we don’t believe has been done before. If this takes off then the Keepsy makers stand to make an awful lot of money. They have teamed up with the likes of Amazon, so once your album is ready, you can purchase it and have it sent to you. Mashable have also written an article explaining some of the details of Keepsy, you can view it here.

This looks like a great product for all you Facebook enthusiasts so make sure you take a look at it. You can view Keepsy’s webpage by clicking here. Whilst on the homepage of Keepsy, if you hit the “Login with Facebook” button in the top right hand corner, you will then need to login to your account and install the plugin. Make sure you don’t miss their example album on their webpage too. Alternatively you can find out a little more about them by connecting to their Facebook Page by clicking here, then hitting the “Like” button.

We love the look of this product, if you want some feedback before you try it, this was a quote taken from the first user to receive the Birthday Album.

“I can’t really express how meaningful and moving this gift was to receive. I pretty much cried my way through the book (when I wasn’t laughing to the point of tears). I feel so incredibly loved right now, it’s ridiculous. You have a fantastic product and I will cherish this present for the rest of my life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Something worth noting is that currently, these albums are only being delivered in the U.S, hopefully these span out across Europe.

What do you think of Keepsy? Would you use it to make a gift for a friend of yours? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Mark Greenberg

    This is not new. Other sites have been offering such features and much more for a long time.
    Try or groupstory, to name a few.

    • Tim Ollason

      Thanks Mark, are any of these sites linked with the likes of Amazon to actually send someone the finished photo album?

  • Pauline Yamanaka

    This is an awesome idea.

  • Emily Hurley

    Love it! I've tried it a couple times already and it's fantastic. I can't wait for them to add more kinds of albums!