Nokia E7: Listed On Amazon But No Delivery Date?

For those customers that wish to buy the Nokia E7, unfortunately it is currently unavailable. We are disappointed to report that despite Nokia’s promises of a Q4 release, it’s been delayed until early 2011.

The phone is currently listed on Amazon; however it is listed as out of stock but with no delivery date. Of course, they can’t deliver them if they haven’t been shipped! Of course Amazon still have their normal statement of “Order now and we’ll deliver when available”. According to Chris Davies of Slashgear, it has been delayed because Nokia want to give the best possible experience. What could this mean?

Think back to earlier this year, the Nokia N8. This device was also delayed with Nokia admitting to some power issues with the phone. We at OSM are wondering if Nokia have had a re-occurrence of the same problem experienced by the Nokia N8, after all, when you look at the device specifications they are practically the same. The main difference is the slide out keyboard of the E7.

If it’s not a power problem, what do you think the reason for the delay is? Have you now lost faith in Nokia? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Kenthandsfree

    In short, yes i have lost faith in Nokia. My last handset, N97, was a superb design as i send a lot of business e mail so having the flip up screen a qwerty keyboard was as a breeze to use.

    The downside, lots of lag, freezing, rebooting and the terrible network reception made it useless for making calls!

    It seemed that at the end of the design stage they suddenly thought “oh crap, we’ve done a great job but we’ve stuck the antenna where you hold the phone so users can’t make calls! Oh well, let’s ship them anyway”.

    I fear the same may apply to the E7 which is putting me off.

    I was forced to bin the N97 and ended up buying an android device, it was like going from an old 1970’s car to a 2011 Rolls Royce, just no comparison.

    I can’t go back now that my eyes have been opened.

    So I guess my ideal device would be the great looking E7 but running android, is symbian dead now?