LG Xnote P210: Notebook To Be Unveiled At CES 2011

With CES fast approaching, LG have started making a few headlines with various devices, amongst them is the 72” 3D TV. The specs of the TV look brilliant and it is very thin. It doesn’t look like that is all LG are bringing to CES.

Apparently a new notebook is striding towards CES to join its big 72” screen. We cannot claim this for sure but all the right signs are there. Let’s have a look at the expected specs of the device to get you thinking. Also see the picture of the device below, we would like your opinion on the LG device.

The notebook is loaded with strength. According to both Slashgear.com and Pocket-Lint.com, it has 4GB RAM, 320GB Hard Disk and to top all of that off, it has one of the i5-470 UM processors present. It weighs in at just 1.3KG making this an extremely good option if you are perhaps the sort of person that travels a lot and doesn’t want to keep lugging around a big laptop. This sort of device would also be brilliant for people who work “In the Field”, by that I mean Sales Representatives. They would be absolutely crying out for something like this. We will be keeping tabs on the device and will bring you more information as we get it.

Are you going to the CES 2011 conference this year? Is there anything in particular you are going to see? Let us know in the comments field below.